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Project Description

Customized LED Strips Lighting Systems

LEDs are the lights of the future.  They offer a wide range of improvement compared to traditional lighting.  Among them, they are very low energy consuming and render a better color rendering of objects you want to illuminate.  Its lifespan and specially its luminous efficacy, which is how well light source produces visible light, last much longer than any previous lighting technology.  Moreover, its physical flexibility makes it adaptable to virtually any position or shape.  LED is therefore a technology worth considering when designing a furniture or architecture project.

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At ADSOL, we resort to LED strips to offer the best lighting improvement.  We take into consideration your projects’ limits, dimensions, angles, and its emplacement (e.g. indoor or outdoor exposure).  According to your needs and budget, we prepare custom made aluminum for the LED strip installation, verify the light system’s energy dissipation, and prepare the proper electrical modules such as the transformer or light dimmer. From design, to the installation, we accompany you in this process thanks to our know-how and expertise.

ADSOL adapts lighting to all places while always respecting and preserving objects’ aesthetics and meets all the requirements by designing original lighting system from the last generation.
ADSOL offers various profiles of LED ribbons that can be delivered to be adapted to your decoration projects.
We make the cuts according to your project’s dimensions, as well as the angles. You will receive ready-to-install profiles.

Here a few examples of projects that can benefit from strips LED technology:

  • Store window
  • Furniture for exhibition
  • Mirror’s frame
  • Refrigerators
  • Indoor and outdoor railings
  • Stairs steps
  • Swimming pool borders (waterproof strips)


At ADSOL, we can also offer assistance in designing and adapting the lighting in your project.  That is why we can conduct, at no charge, an on-site study of your project.


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